If you are like most people in the world, running is something that you avoid. Maybe it has been punishment, maybe it hurts when you try, or maybe you save running for when someone is chasing you.

But now you have decided to give a shot! It seems like it is an easy thing just to pick up….I mean it is just running.


You get some shoes, and you hit the road (or treadmill), and quick you remember why you have been avoiding these very moments….breathing is hard, your knees feel terrible, and…you’re bored! But you know it’s good for you, so you stick it out for a few weeks until something more important comes along, and you lose progress.

You become a Yo-Yo runner and never can quite reap the many benefits that running can bring into your life.


Maybe….you love running….and it is something that you have built into your lifestyle.

When you adopt the lifestyle, you soon find out that there are endless amounts of races and distances to conquor! It’s exciting to tackle new obstacles, but how do you get there?

  • Join a running group?
  • Download a free running plan online?
  • Ask your friends what they do?
  • Wing it and see what happens?

All of the options can lead you toward completion, but do you ever wonder if you left more on the table? Have you ever wondered how fast you could run a 5k? Can you break time barriers half marathon? Can you beat your co-workers time if you REALLY tried?



A coach can help you find these answers. A proper program designed for your needs and experience level will help you leave your regrets behind.


A Bit About Me

I’m Rich, I’m a competitive runner, and I been around the block…or track if you will!post-run-head-shot

During my fifteen  plus years as a competitive athlete, I have had my ups and downs. I have hit goals, missed goals, felt stronger than ever, and suffered devastating injuries.

The blessing that is the roller coaster ride of a runner is that I have had plenty of inspiration to research and understand running.

I was fed up with all the misinformation in the world and seeing others miss goals due to lack of direction, so I did something about it. I dedicated myself to figure out how to make a bulletproof runner. With eight-plus years as a USATF Coach and NASM Personal Trainer, I am committed to athletes and running.

 The journey has not been without setbacks, but I persevere and have created a system that builds strong runners who crush milestones!

I want to share my knowledge with novice and experienced runners so they can avoid the setbacks that have left me devastated in the past!


What You Get from a Reinforced Running Program

First: The Movement Assessment

  • Live online movement and mobility assessment via Skype.
  • Live Gait analysis.
  • Analysis of running and movement patterns.
  • A recording of movement screen with specific feedback.

Then: A Custom Plan

  • Weekly running progression to build a strong foundation.
  • Custom pace workouts to help you become a stronger/faster runner.
  • Running form direction and skill practice to make you an efficient runner.
  • A Built in strength program to identify and eliminate your personal weaknesses.
  • Mobility and soft tissue exercise to ensure you remain healthy through your journey.
  • Personalized race plans to guide you toward your race goals.

Also: Accountability

  • Weekly Progress Calls with me as your coach
  • 24 hour email response
  • All resources provided by Reinforcedrunning.com



Your Custom Running, Strength, and Mobility Plan is only $75 a month!


$250 for a twelve-week program.


To learn more about a Reinforced Running Program Click Here to schedule a free phone consultation.


Shoot me a direct email: Rich@reinforcedrunning.com

From Some Reinforced Runners

“After talking with you, looking at the training plan, and actually starting to train, I started to feel like, even though my goal was aggressive, it was definitely attainable.  I liked how you were very honest with me from the start — you told me that it would be hard, but that if I really worked at it & followed the plan, I could get there.” – Kat. L

“Having never worked with a coach or a truly formal training program was intimidating.  There are some coaching horror stories out there, so you always have that in the back of your mind when you start with a coach.  Once you talk to Rich, you realized that he is working with you, not directing you. This makes all of the difference in a training plan.” – Dom D

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Leave All those “What if’s” behind and find your real potential!

– Rich