How To Get The PRs You Deserve and Avoid Injury By Running Smarter and Faster

Stop Wasting Time With Mix and Match Running Programs.
Start Using a Winning Plan From An Expert Coach.

It’s heartbreaking. You put  in the work and the logged the miles. You were focused and disciplined. You had a plan and followed it. But now racing season is over and race results are the same. Not even a new PR!

Why? Without realizing it, you fell back into your comfort zone. You ran the same pace day in and day out. You covered the same distances as previous years. You hit all same track workouts. When race day came around, you figured you were another year stronger, and you are on your way to PRville!

But during that race, you did the same thing you have done throughout your training: settled into your comfort zone.

You crossed the finish line with the same PR as three years ago. You end race day frustrated with the lack of results. But you sign up for another race and tell yourself this time you will put in a “real” effort.

That was Rob’s story when I first  started working with him. He ran with the same running club, did the same workouts and ate the same foods. The result? The same. No new PRs.

Things changed when we put together a custom program based on Rob’s schedule and goals. He says:

The great thing about programming with Rich is that it’s not a blanket program but rather very personalized. The workouts were tailored to my goal (a 5k at the time) and took into account feedback from conversations with Rich. The confidence in my own abilities has gotten so much better. I also find myself more excited about running than at any other point in my life.

Bob M

Who I Am and How I Will Help You Run Faster

My name is Rich Ryan and I have been a competitive runner for 16 years. I have competed in distances from 800 meters to the marathon.  During this time, I have had my share of missed goals, injuries, and frustrations.

My passion led me to develop the expertise to succeed and help others. The science, workouts, and biomechanics can only get you so far.

I have found that the success of a runner can be boiled down to a few things:

  • The willingness to work hard
  • The ability to break old habits
  • The fortitude to exceed your comfort zone

What you need is not another cookie-cutter program.

You need something that is hand-crafted just for you and works on your terms. You need new habits and a new approach. The is no secret way or single best way. But there is always an optimal way. As your coach, I will help get you there.

Why Online Training Is The Answer

Your online training program is more than just numbers and miles. You will have a completely customized program to help you reach your goals. You will achieve faster running times and complete longer running distances without injury or burnout.

Your online program includes:

  • Custom running program based on your goals, needs, and experience.
  • Constant communication via phone, Skype, email and app
  • A personal nutrition plan to fuel your performance
  • Personal movement and gait assessment to determine points of strength and imbalance.
  • Custom running strength and mobility program to ensure healthy training
  • Clear cut direction on where to spend you precious training time
  • Flexibility to move your workouts to fit your schedule

Rich is a great coach and has exceeded my expectations.  Compared to other personal trainers, he has definitely invested more time and personalized approach than anyone else I’ve experienced. I totally trust Rich and feel like I’m in good hands.

Julie D

In the past, I had always been a part of a bigger team. With Rich, he was my private coach even though the coaching was remote his efforts made it feel like he was there for every workout. I would recommend him to anyone looking for that one on one feel while not necessarily needing to be there in person.

Doug F

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