How to eat more, run faster, and lose weight

Stop going trying to out-run your bad diet.
Learn how to fuel your performance.

Too many runners have been running too long with too few good results.

Many struggle weight gain, even as they log the miles. When I started working with Michelle, she was the classic example of someone who ran to eat. She thought if she worked hard enough she would reach her running and weight goals. When she did not see the desired results, she ate less and ran more.

Michelle’s frustration is grew. Things got worse. She ate even less and ran even more. And she was still gaining weight. Running had stopped being enjoyable. It was no longer a hobby or sport. It was something to do to burn calories to lose weight. And it wasn’t working.

But how is it possible that Michelle continued to run more, eat less, and still gain weight?

Michelle’s case is not unique. After I spent time with Michelle and created a custom nutrition plan, she started eating foods that she enjoys again.  She also no longer worries about weight gain. She has an understanding of how the body works and how her diet affects her day to day.

Who I Am and How I Can Help Fix Your Diet

I am coach Rich Ryan, and I have had my fair share of struggle with my diet and nutrition. Over the years I have tried nearly every diet on the planet. I know the importance of body weight and performance. I have gone down the dangerous route of restriction and have luckily come out of the other side. I know the struggle of information overload and how it leads to paralysis of analysis.

I know that running is not a magic bullet against weight gain. Through my years of research and practice, I have found that creating a healthy relationship with food boils down to a few things.

  • Consistency
  • Sustainable habits
  • Accountability

Why Online Nutrition Coaching Is The Answer

You need something that is hand-crafted just for you and works on your terms. You need new habits and a new approach that fits your lifestyle. The is no secret way or single best way. But there is always an optimal way. As your coach, I will help get you there.

Your nutrition plan will include:

  • Custom designed fueling plan based on your past experience and current goals
  • Individualized Daily macronutrient targets
  • Food and meal recommendations
  • Weekly accountability discussions
  • Flexibility with your eating options
  • Education on food choices and how to optimize performance

Rich is a great coach and has exceeded my expectations. Compared to other personal trainers, he has definitely invested more time and personalized approach than anyone else I’ve experienced. I totally trust Rich and feel like I’m in good hands.

Julie D

Once I started following the plan I became more confident that I would stick with it. The program builds on itself, and all increases were attainable but challenging. It was cool to set a goal and then achieve it. I’m much more confident now that if I put in the work, I can accomplish almost anything.

Bob M.

Take Action Now

You can take the steps to creating a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle around your diet.

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