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Your pre-nutrition guide

Race season is in full swing. Your training is dialed in (hopefully), your goals are set, and now it is time for the last piece of the puzzle in place. Your nutrition! Most runners don’t [...]

Three top core exercises for runners

If you google “best core exercises for runners” over 400,000 results will kick back your way.Over the years I have personally tested all 400,000 of these core options. Well, maybe only 200,00, but I [...]

How standing will make you a better runner

I have the easiest training plan for you. It is simple, just stand there and you will become a better running. For Real! I am not selling the next shortcut fitness gimmick. Standing is a [...]

Hips don’t lie: banded side step

A Latin music superstar, and an advocate of strength and conditioning, has gone on record of  stating “hips don’t lie.” The statement is valid for the dance floor, and also rings true in the [...]

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