Finding Your Potential

Reinforced Running is about helping people reach their athletic potential and achieve goals they never thought possible.  It’s about giving you the confidence to create a goal, train appropriately towards it, and celebrate the effort once you achieve your goal.

Who Am I??

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With over 15 years of experience of running at a competitive level, I’ve faced many struggles with injuries and frustration with different training programs, coaching methods, and vague training plans.  Often the lack of customization in these programs led to mental frustration and limited improvement in my running, and even worse, would sometimes result in being sidelined with injuries and missing out on races & training.
These hurdles & frustrations were a wake-up call for me – I took each obstacle as an opportunity and dove in to learn everything I could about running and how the body works, and how the body reacts to different types of strength and conditioning.  I’ve been able to hone in on my personal philosophy of training & coaching through my research, countless seminars, certification courses, interviews with other competitive runners,  personal conversations with competitive strength & conditioning coaches, books & podcasts. I have helped numerous athletes to date reach their personal athletic goals in a format that is custom fit for their level of athleticism, schedule, training preferences, & personality.
Too often in my conversations, I found that most people who are heading out to pound the pavement & train for a race are doing so with little to no guidance, or from a downloaded sheet on the internet.
My goal as a coach is to help each athlete reach their individual goals in a format that is made strictly for them – if you face an injury during your training, we’ll work together to figure out how and when is best to move forward with your training plan without risking further injuries.  If you are interested in a 1/2 marathon but don’t want to sacrifice the strength that you’ve been building up through your strength training, we’ll develop a custom plan to help you achieve both.  If you’ve done a marathon and are looking to conquer a new PR, I’ll provide the guidance & training to help you reach your splits at every mile.  Or if you’re new to the running world (it’s not as scary as it seems), we’ll build your confidence together, as a team.
My qualifications include being a USA Track & Field (USATF) Certified Coach, a Crossfit Level One Spartan Cargo 3Trainer, and a Crossfit Endurance Certified Trainer.  Along with these certifications, I’ve been coaching athletes of all skill levels in both the running & strength and conditioning field for over ten years.  An athlete myself, I’ve conquered races from 5Ks to Spartan Races to Marathons and everything in between.  I look forward to sharing these experiences with you as we conquer each of your goals.